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Small & Beds
A Cool Million

Two companion pieces. Small is a solo for a performer (Hurlin) and eight synchronized cassette tape recorders. Emitting everything from imagined dialogue between a naked Barbie and Ken, to a scene from “The Miracle Worker” in which Helen learns to fold her napkin, to music from the punk group “Trio,” the tape recorders and the performer celebrate the minuscule and allow each of the arts to become greater than their sum. Beds co-written with the late Laura Ernst, takes place in a giant bedroom/hospital ward, in which overwhelming inertia prevents all the inhabitant Lazy-bones from getting up. The patients split the Sunday Times among themselves (avoiding the “Help Wanted” section) while their caretaker, “Nurse Cunningham” (Hurlin in drag) appears with a 20 pound Roast Turkey and cheerfully announces “…Oh no, Don’t get up!” before serving the performers and the audience.

Performed by Billy Barnes, Laura Ernst, Patricia Henritze, Dan Hurlin, David Warren
Premiered at ReCherChez Studio for the Avant Garde, NYC

Photo Credits:
Top: Matthieu Roberts
Above and Right: Matthew Jones