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On May 28th, 1934, Five Identical baby girls were born to Oliva and Elzire Dionne, a working class Canadian couple. The world, exhausted by the great depression and made anxious by the news out of Europe, grasped this small miracle with a desperation that all but destroyed the lives of the parents, the girls and the Doctor who delivered them. The popularity of the “Quints” created an unprecedented media blitz that lasted for years, and resulted in lucrative contracts with Colgate Palmolive, Remington Rand typewriters, Lysol, and Quaker Oats, among many others. Quintland is a solo performance that presents a darkly comic, troubling vision of innocence and good intentions warped by unimaginable greed.

Performed by Dan Hurlin
Sets by Donna Dennis
Music by Dan Moses Schreier
Puppets by Janie Geiser
Lights by David Bergstein
Premiered at Dance Theater Workshop, NYC
Toured nationally
AWARD: New York Dance and Performance Award (A.K.A. “Bessie”) to Donna Dennis for visual design

Photo Credits:
Top: Tyler Micoleau
Above and Right: Tom Brazil