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Who's Hungry?/West Hollywood

Who's Hungry?/West Hollywood uses as it source, the oral histories of three people living with hunger and/or homelessness in West Hollywood. Collected by performance artist Dan Froot, and adapted by Froot and Hurlin, the ten hour-long interviews form the basis for three, short, toy theater plays. What the Fireman Said follows Robert from the highs of living the good life in Europe, to the lows of sleeping under a freeway exit ramp. Eight Days Without a Dog follows Sandy tearing through the streets of LA, looking for her beloved Sharyl who has disappeared from the van they sleep in. We listen to the thoughts and questions of Leo in Dawn by Me, while he sits on a city bench, watching the world go by, and the sun setting over the Pacific.

Created by Dan Froot and Dan Hurlin
Performed by Laurie O’Brien, Hana dan der Kolk, Kendra Ware and Randall Whittinghill
Premiered at Plummer Park’s Great Hall, West Hollywood, CA
Continues to tour nationally
A project of 501 (see three) ARTS

Top: Richard Termine
Above and Right: Rose Eichenbaum