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Who's Hungry?/Santa Monica

Like it’s companion piece Who's Hungry?/West Hollywood, this piece uses the oral histories of people living with hunger and/or homelessness as it source. Collected in Santa Monica, California by performance artist Dan Froot, and adapted by Froot and Hurlin, the ten hour-long interviews form the basis for a full length puppet play, set at a 24 foot long dining table. The stories told include: Angel, a woman who went from wealth and privilege to sleeping in a cardboard box. Chanel, who raced to New York on 9/11 to share the suffering with her friends and family. Mike, whose adventures in section 8 housing read like a TV sit-com. Cindy, who faces her demons during a long walk across a parking lot to the van waiting to take her to re-hab. And Chris, a former Z-Boy, who survives surfing in the dark.  Set to a lush, eclectic score by Amy Denio, Who’s Hungry/Santa Monica premiered at Highways in Santa Monica in January of 2012.

Created by Dan Froot and Dan Hurlin

Performed by Darius Mannino, Zach Tolchinsky, Rachel Lincoln, Sheethal Gandhi
Music by Amy Denio
Developed during residencies at Vermont Performance Lab, and UCLA World Arts and Cultures | Dance
Premiered at Highway’s Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA
Continues to tour nationally (see touring schedule in NEWS)
A project of 501 (see three) ARTS

Top: Richard Termine
Above and Right: Rose Eichenbaum