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The Day The Ketchup Turned Blue by John C. Russell

This nine-sentence playlet was written by playwright John C. Russell at the age of eight. The Day The Ketchup Turned Blue is a toy theater piece whose set, a faux Wedgwood proscenium, a candle, Wedgwood dishes and a hamburger, was inspired by the English tradition of dining room table top puppet shows popular in the 19th Century.  Through a system of strings and pulleys, teacups and saucers represent the Little family pursued in diminishing perspective by an evil hammer, Mr. Bigg. Russell’s text is projected onto the stage’s back wall during the 12-minute performance. At the end, it is revealed that the author died of AIDS at the age of 31. At that moment, in the words of Alissa Solomon of the Village Voice, “The play shifts … from a charming elaboration on childlike fantasy to a tender lament for imaginations lost.”

Performed by Dan Hurlin
Text by John C. Russell
Puppets and objects created by Dan Hurlin
Premiered in my living room in the East Village
Continues to internationally

Top: Richard Termine
Above: Melissa Gerr
Right: Dan Hurlin