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Double Aspect Bright and Fair


DDouble Aspect Bright by Erik Ehn

Double Aspect Bright and Fair, a puppet play, is part of an epic cycle of plays entitled Soulographie by Erik Ehn. Soulographie is a durational performance event looking at 20th century America from the point of view of its relationship to genocides in the States (the Tulsa Race Riot), in East Africa (Rwanda, Uganda), and Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador). The 17 plays that comprise the cycle were produced independently throughout the United States, Rwanda and Uganda over the course of the 2011-2012 Season. These plays then converged at La MaMa in New York in November 2012. Double Aspect Bright and Fair, the 11th play in the cycle, was first produced at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville New York, with a cast and crew of graduate and under-graduate students. It subsequently toured to the American Dance Institute in Rockville, MD, before being presented at La MaMa. The play concerns Rory, a prison guard, his wife Lynn, a prison chef, and their anorexic daughter Xela.


Rory works for Corrections as an executioner

Rory is Married to Lynn

Lynn is a Prison Chef

Lynn and Rory have a heavy metal daughter, Xela

Xela won’t eat Lynn’s food. She moves out of the house and works in a Subway Sandwich shop. She spies on her parents by means of magic subway. She still won’t eat. She suffers brain damage, and moves back home. Rory moves out.

Rory stays in touch with his X-wife.

Rory takes an unexcused leave from work

Rory executes a mass killer

The mass killer is a rogue cop who gathered a private army

The private army works in the interests of a mineral company that wants squatters removed from its land

The private army kills the squatters and torches the village

When Rory was a boy, he accidentally caused the death by fire of a man and his two children. Rory was never caught.

-- Erik Ehn

Text by Erik Ehn
Directed and designed by Dan Hurlin
Performed by: Nehprii Amenii, Enoch Reise, Daniel Glenn, Jamie Agnello, Karen Cellini, Monica Lerch, Chloe Moser, Martin Balmaceda, Shayna Strype
Puppets and objects by Dan Hurlin
Animation and projections by Robin Starbuck
Produced by Sarah Lawrence College Theatre Program
Toured nationally

Photo credits:
Top, Richard Termine
Above and right, Quyen Nguyen